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Cormac Flynn

The 1930 New york Times article refers to the fountain in the building at 33 Washington Square West, not 2 Fifth Avenue. The apartment building at 2 Fifth Avenue was not built until 1950. The former apartments at 33 Washington Square West are now Hayden Hall, an NYC dormitory.

Bob Kosovsky

I only found your blog entry now in 2011. I first learned of Minetta Stream in the 1965 when my family purchased the house at 43 West 12th Street (we never moved in). This house is peculiar: The façade seems fairly narrow - but once inside, the front room's width greatly widens. The reason we were told is that it (along with 41 West 12th) was shaped by Minetta Brook. Specifically, the house at 49 West 12th - a pre-Civil War house - was built on the Minetta's riverbank at a point at which the stream curved slightly east. That's the reason why the east wall of that house's façade curves slightly east - something clearly visible from the sidewalk. Once the stream was filled in (during or slightly after the Civil War), builders constructed 41-43 West 12th, but they were constrained by the existing houses. So the façade of 43 is narrow, but was able to widen behind it.

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